You guys must have upgraded software of your smartphones many times, but you may be wondering how you can update software of your smart tv so in this article i will guide you how you can update / upgrade software of your smart tv.

What are the benefits of upgrading software of smart tv?

As we all know whenever we update our smartphone we gets some new features just like smartphone, whenever we update software of smart tv it becomes better by every update and we get some new features as well. Upgrading software of smart tv make our smart tv more faster, smarter, more responsive and make it more secure as well because as we all know gadgets are very vulnerable hackers can hack our gadgets very easily so now a days it is very important to upgrade of device security, so by every update device gets new upgraded features.

These are the benefits of updating software of TV:

  • Improving performance of TV: It enhances response time and provides stability.
  • Fixes Bugs: If we face any glitches or any lag then by software updates that gets fix.
  • Improve Security: Security must be the priority for anyone software update provides more security.
  • Improved User Interface: everyone knows that by every update user interface gets improved.

Often our Smart tv doesn’t gets a software updates like our smartphones often gets but here in this article I have brought a software that will be compatible with most of the smart tv.

Smart TV Software download Procedure:

step 1: First of all before downloading software for your smart tv, you must need to know the motherboard’s name of your smart tv. To know the name of your motherboard you must open the back panel of your tv, as you can see in an images given below. Open back panel of your tv very carefully.


Step 2: Download the software from the link given below:


Step 3: After Downloading software, you need to extract that zip file to any location.

Step 4: After that zip file got extracted, now just open that extracted folder. there you will find a file by the name of CtvUpgrade.bin


Step 5: Now copy that “CtvUpgrade.bin” and paste that file to your USB Pendrive.


Step 6: After that CtvUpgrade.bin file got transferred into your USB pendrive then take out your usb pendrive.


Step 7: Now insert that USB pendrive into your smart tv’s USB port, make sure your smart tv should be off.


Step 8: Now press the power button of your smart tv for a few seconds until led indicator of your tv starts blinking. Now the software upgradation of your smart tv got started. Don’t remove the USB pendrive until the installation processing.



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